Building Trust - Driving Results

  • Create Workability

    Trust is the pre-condition for anything important we want to accomplish with others. Many challenges are alleviated when we address upstream issues and grow cultures of trust.

  • Empower Your People

    Giving people access to better people skills makes them more effective, more engaged, and better leaders. The Optimal Trust methodology provides practical frameworks with discovery-based lessons to expand soft-skills.

  • Discovery-based Education

    Our lessons and assignments are designed to have learners discover their ability to build trust naturally and able to apply it to their day-today work in a way that builds trusting cultures.

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Meet Your Instructor

Shaun Mader

Shaun Mader is the President of Optimal Trust. He is a coach, facilitator and innovation guide. He also likes Jiujitsu & Photography

Social proof: testimonials

““Assuming 5 is the highest score, I would rate it at the top. If we do not have the trust of our client, we are out of business. This is investment management and relationship 101.””

Senior Advisor, Wall Street firm

““Another great class – this is really the CORE of what we do. I found this information to be very useful and plan to incorporate a lot of the conversations into my daily conversations with clients.””